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2015 Audi Q7
Live here in Florida and use the Stuart Florida Audi Dealership. The same issue 3 times in less than 26k miles. We love our Audi, thank god we dont travel much. They have replaced a wheel ESC Stability Control, TPMS, all come on each time. Now, it has happened again. The first 2 times the vehicle was under warranty, free loaner, no problems, they pick up, drop off and bring back, no problems once again.

My question is HOW can a Car under 26k miles have the same problem over and over again. The Sensors all look fine visually, other than one aligned crooked, maybe at replacement. What are the chances of us buying a Q8 or even a Q7 when this seems to be a reacquiring problem. It would not be so bad if it were just a light that pops on, but this is a VIOLENT Brake Grab, or adjustment to the transmission controls. It happened at the Grocery store when leaving with 400.00 worth of Grocery's, ironically twice to my wife.

I seen a couple poor feedbacks on the YELP page. I only hope that Stuart Audi is up to this problem... When it happens it feels like someone is locking up the parking brake as you accelerate and reach 10 mph. No notice, does not continue. I tried turning off the ESC yet it still happens.
Any help would be great. I would love to hear feedback on the Q8, beautiful vehicle... Maybe just have to get the 20 year warranty... no worries then....